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Whether it is just a brief phone call or a full strategy session, Tinker HR provides high quality human resource services for those who wouldn't normally have access to them. Tinker HR will take the time to get to know your organization, learn what your goals are, and then create solutions. We listen to your needs to find out what is right for you. No pre-packaged, one size fits all answers. You will get customized, individual service tailored to your organization. A service providing you with the tools to move forward. Below are just a few of the areas where Tinker HR can lend a hand.

HR Strategy

You need a map to know where you are going. Tinker HR will work with you to identify your current HR needs, what you will need in the future, and the steps that need to happen to get you there. By aligning your human resources with the goals of the organization, success can be created.


How much should I pay people to be competitive?  How should I structure a bonus program to get the most out of my sales force?  Should this employee be classified as hourly or salaried?  How can I set up a job grade system?  Whether it is a wage and hour or compensation question, Tinker HR has you covered.

Training & Development

Your employees can be the lifeblood of your business - if you invest in them. Tinker HR can assess the needs of your workforce and work with you to create training plans to meet your needs. Programs can revolve around compliance in an industrial setting, enrichment for high potential employees, and even coaching for executives.

Employee Handbook & Policy

Employee handbooks are a valuable tool, providing a place to find answers for frequently asked questions and making your company's guidelines and practices easily accessible for everyone. They can also contain legal landmines if they are not constructed properly. Tinker HR can build your handbook and other employment policies, helping you create the vision of how you want your company to operate.

HR on Retainer

Tinker HR offers a retainer program, perfect for the small business that wants access to HR services but hasn't grown to the point of having its own internal dedicated HR resource. HR on Retainer gives you the flexibility of having HR available for whatever your needs are - whether it is a specific project, a potentially sticky employee issue, or a question of strategy. A custom solution based on your needs and the need to fit a budget.

Employee Benefits & Wellness

A strong benefits program can be a valuable tool for employee retention, but can also be significant expense. Tinker HR will work with you to determine the right mix for your budget. Wellness programs offer a low cost way to boost employee engagement and create a great place to work.

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