December 12, 2018

First, and most importantly – never, ever take away the free coffee service at your workplace. A business can slash perks, jack up insurance costs, freeze salaries, and even conduct some layoffs during rough times and still manage to retain its workforce if it can show...

HR professionals are often asked what they can do to help improve the productivity of a company’s sales force. There are lots of suggestions that all have merit, from conducting sales training to designing elegant compensation systems that drive desired behaviors. Some...

When management either ignores or enables the toxic employee, the rest of the team will rapidly lose confidence in their leadership. Engagement suffers, everyone is miserable coming to work, and pretty soon resignation notices start popping like fireworks.

Time to set goals – let’s make them SMART goals.

It is one of the more time-honored traditions in the world of business. The holiday season rolls around, and bonuses get paid out. In new companies, this is an exciting moment for ownership and management, as they get to revel in playing the role of Santa Claus, passin...

Before you even launch yourself down the path of hiring someone, you need to figure out what the position is, and how much you are willing and able to pay the position. A lot of employers have champagne tastes but a beer budget. Be realistic. Sure, it would be really n...

I decided to take on the topic of compensation for new hires, as this is an area I see a lot of business owners and hiring managers struggle with.

When you see a behavior in an employee that isn't one you want to see repeated, say something about it. Immediately.

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